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Find The Best Replica Watches In The World

There are 3 levels of replica watches, from low to high, B grade, A grade, 1:1 Clone grade.

B grade:
Their prices are less than 100 usd, some even require only 20-50 usd, most of them are from underground small factories in Guangzhou, China. Their appearance is very bad, (only 60-70 percent of the appearance of genuine watches), the movement is a quartz movement (cost is 5-8 usd), only has time function, other functions are all decorative, such as moonphase function, just a printed drawing. So,if you plan to buy fake watches, don't buy any replica watches that cost less than 100 usd.

A grade:
It is the criterion for the degree of imitation in the replica watches industry. There are many factories that make A-grade fake watches, Most of them are organized and have a division of labor to make watches.

They will make replica watches based on the data and pictures published by genuine watches, Most will use the Asian movement (the movement cost: 45-55 usd), and a few will also use the Japanese movement (the movement cost: 55-70 usd). Many online shoppers will sell A-grade replica watches for 150-300 usd. You can buy A-grade fake watches on the findreplicawatches website for less than 150 usd. (such as: Rolex-Cheap,RM-Cheap).

What is the dissatisfaction of A-grade fake watches ?
Most of the replica watches of the A-grade look good, But if you look carefully, they have more or less unsatisfactory places. For example, the density of the brushed metal of the watch, the grinding of the edge of the watch case, and the back of the watch. These places, if you look closely, will find that they look a bit rough. If you wear it to a party, please pray and pray that no one in your friend knows the genuine style of this watch. Therefore, I recommend buying a A-grade replica watch model with a sealed back.

1:1 grade:
It represents the peak level of the replica watches manufacturing industry, Its craftsmanship, innovation, design, and detail are the highest levels. Their movement costs 300-800 usd, all from the Swiss eta movement, a watch, from manufacturing to sale, takes 2-4 months, and strict process control makes them the best replica watches in the world.

What does 1:1 clone grade stand for ?
It represents a simulation degree of 98% or even 99%. A friend of mine, wearing the rolex-submariner-replica I sent it, go to the Rolex store, the clerk did not find it a fake rolex and sent him a small gift, thinking he was a purchaser of rolex. 1:1-grade-replica-watches, unless it is a master who deals with fake watches all day long, it is difficult to see the true and false. They need to be completely disassembled to discover that they are fake.

The factory will go buy a second-hand genuine watch and disassemble it. Start division of labor, 2 groups, an imitation case, an imitation movement. What they need to worry about is how to polish the movement of the automatic tow, the problem of the movement pattern. After a series of procedures, such as research and development, revision, and after several rounds of modification in 2-4 months, a super replica watch was born. Finally, the factory will add a waterproof rubber ring for the 1:1 grade replica watches, then measure with the instrument and start selling! You can buy 1:1 fake watches on the findreplicawatches website, the price is 300-1000 usd. (such as: Rolex Replica, Richard Mille Replica, Breitling Replica, Franck Muller Replica, Patek Philippe Replica, Hublot Replica ).

The world's best replica watches factory

Top replica watches factory list:
1: RXW ( Located in Japan, the production of Patek Philippe is more famous.)
2: N ( Located in China, the production of Rolex is more famous.)
3: TMF ( Located in Italy, the production of Franck Muller is more famous.)
4: HBBV6 ( Located in United States, the production of Hublot is more famous.)
5: H-maker ( Located in Canada, the production of Richard Mille is more famous.)
6: Other factory: ZF, JF, KW (renamed XF), MK (renamed MKS) factory, AR factory (JF sub-factor, same boss), VS factory (KW sub-factor, same boss)

Why are these factories producing the best replica watches in the world ?
Because the workers in these factories are retired from professional watch factories, they can find the best materials and are willing to buy materials and Swiss movements at high cost.

The Production Process Of The Best Replica Watches

Please follow to find your own best replica watches.