3135 Movement Best Super Clone

3135 Movement Best Super Clone

Manufacturers of replica watches on the market have also repeatedly promoted various upgrades in the quality of their movements. But in fact, just changing from one unstable factory 3135 version to another unstable factory 3135 version does not really solve the problems of unstable quality, easy to break, high rework, and not durable.

At present, everyone may feel that the quality of the "blue hairspring" 3135 clone Movement, which is commonly used in the market, is relatively stable. But these are actually illusions. The limitation of the manufacturing process of this movement, the details of accessories, and the attitude of cutting corners on precision have determined its fate of unstable quality, many problems, and not durable.

For example, three or four hundred high-quality movements are selected from 1,000 pieces and sold to more famous manufacturers, and the remaining movements will still be sold to other unknown manufacturers of replica watches. This opportunistic approach can only be Guaranteed no problem when shipped. The accessories, structure and other problems in the movement, as well as the practice of replacing the shock absorber with gemstones, still determine its fate of unstable quality, many problems, and not durable. There will be problems when the customer uses more intensively. Their common problems are that the calendar will stop and the power reserve will be poor!

Now let's talk about the super clone 3135 Movements

Looking at the radiation pattern, the effect of the super clone 3135 Movement and the genuine product is to rotate around the center hole. The market movement is an ordinary radial pattern, and the difference is obvious. The font color and spacing of the font on the movement board. Everyone can conclude that the common "blue hairspring" 3135 movements on the market are quite different, and the craftsmanship is rough. This detail is very obvious.
The super clone 3135 Movement is the same as the genuine 3135 movement, with the movement code + ROLEX engraved on the movement plate. The common "blue hairspring" 3135 movement on the market has a blank movement plate and no movement code engraved. This detail is not in place. Once the bottom cover is opened, you will find that although you bought the 3135 movement, it is uncoded and blank. Compared with the upgraded "blue hairspring" detail of this movement, the difference between whether there is a movement code or not is more obvious.
Super clone 3135 Movement, same as the genuine product, has 7 fixed rivets on the main board of the movement. There is no fixed rivet on the main board of the "blue hairspring" 3135 movement commonly used in the market. All of these details are clearly visible to the naked eye. You can see these details clearly when you open the bottom cover.
The general-purpose "blue hairspring" 3135 movement, in terms of internal structure and accessories, still stays in the pursuit of the concept of looking similar and similar. Once disassembled, the internal structure and accessories are different. This kind of "little cleverness" / stealing work is doomed to the fate of unstable quality, many problems, and not durable. Genuine 3135 movement and Super clone 3135 Movement: the two gears on the rocker are three-dimensional with steps, and the connection between accessories will be more compact. The 3135 movement on the market is just two ordinary flat gears without steps, which can shake/move a lot, which reduces the quality and stability of the movement.
From the details of the jewel hole, we once again looked at the "smart"/cut corners of this general-purpose "blue hairspring" 3135 movement. Pursue what can be seen and look similar, and cut corners where you can’t see. Genuine 3135 movement, the gem hole at this position is fixed with two rubies up and down the transmission shaft, and the gem hole of super clone 3135 Movement is also fixed with two rubies. For the general-purpose 3135 movement, there is only one ruby ‚Äč‚Äčthat can be seen, which causes the transmission shaft to shake a lot, which will cause quality problems such as instability of the movement. The winding is light, but the gears are easily damaged, and there are quality problems such as not winding.
After removing the automatic winding module, you can see the secondary main board of the movement. Here, the “cleverness”/cutting corners of the common “blue hairspring” 3135 movement on the market again! Again! Again! Again, replacing the shock absorber that should have been with an ordinary ruby. Replace the shock absorber with a gem piece, because the client/you can't see it either. The reason why these high-end movements of Rolex are so stable is that there are many admirable design details, such as the use of shock absorbers in key positions, which can avoid quality problems such as breaking. The super clone 3135 Movement invested the cost and installed the same shock absorber as the original. The general version of the 3135 movement is only equipped with an ordinary jewel, and its appearance is completely different from the genuine one. The stability and drop resistance of the movement will be much worse.
The double bridge of the balance wheel is installed on these two double bridge columns. The metal ring on the genuine 3135 movement and the super clone 3135 Movement double bridge column can be twisted up and down to adjust the height of the balance wheel double bridge. The metal ring of the general version 3135 is simply made into a one-piece column, which cannot be twisted.
Super clone 3135 Movement, after being disassembled and then assembled, the swing can be up to 300, the error can be adjusted, and the travel time is perfect. The genuine 3135 movement, after being disassembled and then assembled, does not require any adjustments, and the travel time data is still very good. The common "blue hairspring" 3135 movement on the market, after being disassembled and then assembled, it proves that the low-end machine cannot withstand the curse of disassembly and assembly. Once disassembled and reassembled, it is already half disabled. This is also the reason why many ordinary movements with poor quality cannot be repaired, repeated repairs are not good, and the more they are repaired, the more damaged they become.
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