Patek 5711 Super Clone

Patek 5711 Super Clone


The upgrade history of 5711's cloning technology:

The earliest manufacturer of Patek 5711 replica watches was the MK factory (2016-2019), and then the MKS factory underwent an upgrade in 2020, and the PF factory and PPF factory upgraded again in 2021, but they all have a common shortcoming , the dial has color difference, steel belt arc, movement thickness, and the use of the movement is to use the Japanese 9015 movement to change the plywood (9015 movement automatic rotor noise is very loud), and there is no fundamentally perfect reproduction of Cal. Caliber 324 S C. Therefore, Patek 5711 at this stage is called a common replica.
It is not until the birth of manufacturers 3K and ZF in 2022 that it can be said that the Replica watches of Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 are super clones in the true sense. They do not use the 9015 movement to change the plywood layer, and then set an automatic rotor. But in terms of structure and appearance, it is a 1:1 clone.

Summary of Patek 5711 Super Clone advantages:

1. The upgraded movement is all finely engraved, clear and not worn, and the texture is the ultimate.
2. Upgrade the automatic rotor, adopt Swiss ultra-precision bearings, and install the rotor with unprecedented technology in the industry. Achieve 100% noise reduction.
3. Original movement, no fake plate, no fake balance wheel, no fake ruby. A complete replica of the 3.3mm out-of-print high-quality 324SC movement.
4. The dial scale is upgraded with super bright luminous light, and the overall brightness is harmonious and consistent.
5. Nautilus classic blue plate, currently improved to match the original color
6. Each watch in the calendar window is horizontally aligned, and there is no oblique occlusion.
7. The smoothness of the adjustment gear of the crown has been adjusted many times to the best state. It makes the adjustment of time and winding feel smooth.
8. The thickness of the entire watch has been upgraded to 8.3 mm, which is equivalent to the original thickness. It is extremely comfortable to wear.
9. Emphasize that the 324Sc movement adjusts the calendar clockwise, that is, the calendar is adjusted from top to bottom. Note that the analysis is consistent with the genuine product.
10. When adjusting the time, pull the crown to the second gear. The big second hand does not stop. It is also consistent with the original.

Patek 5711 Super Clone VS Real

1. Comparison of dismantling parts of the movement appearance:
The appearance of the movement is roughly divided into the outermost structure of the watch as a whole, such as the case, pointer, dial, bottom cover and other parts, transparent back bottom cover, waterproof rubber ring, and movement holder.
First look at the appearance comparison between the genuine cal324 movement and the Patek 5711 Super Clone movement. After disassembling the automatic rotor, the appearance of the entire movement is clear at a glance. To see how the movement works through the appearance, first of all, look at the polishing of the movement. Watch movement Polished, the movement is the heart of the watch, with the most complex structure and the most exquisite craftsmanship. Whether a watch is good or not can be seen from the polishing of the movement. Eight of the regulations on grinding in the "Twelve Rules of the Hallmark of Geneva" can reduce the friction between the parts inside the movement through grinding, and at the same time stabilize the operation. Of course, it is also good for maintenance. Some top watch brands, the most representative Patek Philippe’s movement polishing is not limited to functional requirements, but has risen to the artistic level, and the more delicate point of PP is that even the screws are polished.
The movement polishing of Patek 5711 Super Clone is not up to the level of craftsmanship of the original version. It can only be said to be about 90% close, which is second to none among the current Nautilus replicas. Even a genuine Rolex is difficult to achieve the level of Patek Philippe's movement polishing, which is understandable.
2. Comparison of the transparent part of the movement:
The upgraded version of Patek 5711 Super Clone's 324 movement is synchronized to achieve the same color of gemstones, the size of the screws of each movement part is the same as the original version, and the position of the fixing hole of the movement is consistent with the original version. The biggest highlight of this upgrade is the noise reduction treatment of the solid movement automatic rotor. Its noise is already very small, which further improves the overall restoration of this Nautilus.
3. 5711 shell comparison
I didn’t notice the curvature in the comparison material before. The emphasis of Patek 5711 Super Clone this time is also the key point of the details that everyone should pay attention to. In addition, the classic design of the Nautilus is inspired by the portholes of the Atlantic ship. The surrounding sides are like the hinges on the ship. The MKS factory was the first to make corrections on this point. Later, PF and PPF have been revised successively, and it was not until the 3K factory. Complete registration is achieved.
4. Thickness comparison
The comparison of thickness reflects the significance of Patek 5711 Super Clone using the 324 movement. No matter how thin the 9015 movement is, it cannot achieve 100% alignment in thickness, while the 324 movement can be 100% synchronized with the thickness of the original version.
5. Comparison of mirror outer ring
6. Strap comparison
The straps of Patek Philippe Nautilus all need head grains. Ordinary crocodile leather is difficult to put on and must be customized. The crocodile leather strap of Patek 5711 Super Clone is very sincere and saves the need to buy crocodile leather separately. cost. Personally, I think the comparison of straps is a bit redundant, because the texture and lines of each crocodile skin are not necessarily the same. The key is that the crocodile skin is the best raw material of American alligator, which is enough.
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