1:1 Rolex Replica 5 Advantages

This article on 1: 1 rolex replica watch incorporates some of my experience in the replica watches industry for five years. The main structure of a watch is composed of a case, a movement, a strap, a buckle, and a mirror. We will explain these in detail.

1: case
1: 1 rolex replica, the case material is 316L or 904L steel, on this basis, some other materials will be used, such as ceramics, gold and so on.

2: Watch mirror
The mirror of the watch mirror is very important. The mirror directly affects the quality and permeability of the watch. The mirror of the watch is basically divided into two pieces. The ordinary mirror and sapphire mirror, 1:1 fake rolex, use real sapphire crystal glass.

3: movement
The movement is the soul of the watch. The movement of the 1:1 rolex replica watch is from Switzerland, and then modified to achieve the same thickness as the original.

4: strap
The straps are usually made of steel, gold, cowhide, crocodile leather, rubber and other materials. A true 1: 1 rolex replica watch strap can be used with genuine products, so their value is generally not lower than 100 usd

5: factory
Choose a strong factory to customize, choose well-known replica wathes manufacturers, such as Clean, VS, BT, Noob, AR, JF, Mk and so on.

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