RM 036 is a professional mechanical gravity measuring watch, it is a watch created by the team of Richard Mille and Jean Todt (FIA International Automobile Federation Chairman). The mechanical gravity test system of the RM 036 operates on the principle of the inertia of the object's translational inertia. It is mounted directly on the board and measures and displays the cumulative value of gravity G felt on the wearer's wrist when the speed is sharply reduced. The pointer indicates whether the current deceleration is not dangerous (green area) or poses a danger to the driver (red area) and can be easily zeroed by the button at 9 o'clock.
The RM 036 is very sturdy, so the materials used to produce the Richard Mille RM 036 Replicas are all fired from a mixture of steel and titanium. The fixed movement deck is made of carbon fiber and aluminum alloy, which guarantees that the fake richard mille rm 036 has a low weight and is extremely durable. All 1:1 copy watches from the VR-Replica-Watches-factory.