RM 50-03 Its full name is richard mille rm-50-03 mcLaren f1 ultra light double second chase tourbillon chronograph.
From its name we can know:
1: It is very light weight (less than 40g) because the material is carbon fiber and graphene. The replica richard mille mcLaren f1 watch produced by findreplicawatches is also made of carbon fiber and graphene (same as genuine). In addition, we have also used titanium to produce other models to meet the needs of more customers.
2 : It is a watch that was launched in cooperation with the Formula 1 car, so it is a sports watch. Its appearance makes it easy to experience the passion and speed of the Formula 1 race. Our fake richard mille mcLaren f1 watch, using genuine mold opening technology, so the appearance is perfect to restore the original RM 50-03, the movement is also a Swiss movement.