Richard Mille RM 57 TOURBILLON series It is the perfect combination of poetic and delicate expression techniques of carving art. The dragon is a mythical animal, derived from the imagination of ancestors, and is closely related to Eastern culture. It is a symbol with rich meaning. In Eastern culture, the dragon is not only a symbol of perseverance and success, but also power and strength, so it is regarded as the master of everything in the world.
The theme of Richard Mille RM 57 is the dragon. The most difficult thing is the three-dimensional carving technology of the dragon. Our Richard Mille RM 57 Replica Watches has the highest three-dimensional carving technology on the market, such as RM 57-03. The green dragon carving is the most successful , Replica RM 57-01 The carving of dragon and phoenix is also a good choice. We have also launched a special version of the diamond bezel for the dragon and tiger series. More models please return to our main channel fake richard mille.