Super Clone Richard Mille Watches

Super Clone Richard Mille Watches


Selling points can be summarized into the following factors:

1. High precision - real tourbillon movement, (RM is characterized by tourbillon and automatic balance wheel)

2. High stitching - the bezel, case body, and bottom cover are closely and seamlessly stitched together;

3. High restoration - 95% restoration of the original frame, 1:1 made.

4. High shock resistance - TPT shock-resistant carbon fiber case, with clear and textured texture; (shock resistance is also a feature of RM watches, and RM is a sports watch)

5. High strength - the lens is made of scratch-resistant sapphire + polyethylene explosion-proof film, which can withstand strong impact;

6: The crown ring is changed from metal to rubber. The whole body of the watch is made of carbon brazing + real tourbillon heart,

Other features: Tourbillons in Super Clone Richard Mille watches are the same size as the originals. Using mechanical rolling process, the font is clear and clean. Imported rubber is selected, compared with the original material, size and color.
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